Imni Global is an open e-commerce marketplace for shoes. It provides a platform to showcase Nigerian designers, and their well finished products. The goal is to create a space for affordable and quality shoes accessible first to Nigerians then globally.


Imni aims to bring stylish and budget conscious young adults to for their shoe needs because of its price friendly shoes and wide variety of designers and overcome the belief that Nigerian shoes are not quality.


When you order a shoe on the site, our designers will begin a dedicated handcrafted process, which is different for each shoe, meaning every shoe is curated just for you.


Additionally there is a growing number of Nigerian designers that have mastered their field and craft beautiful shoes for which they have devoted customers globally. It is our goal to bring everyone on one platform to showcase a continuous display of gorgeous well designed shoes.


To ease transaction for the 80% middle class population

To establish a ‘functional’ brand that is dedicated to excellence in sourcing, financing, marketing, distribution, customer service, and branding.


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